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Care experienced young people tell others ‘You Are Not Alone’ with play written to stop child exploitation

22nd Apr 2024

A play, written and directed by young people at Kibble, has been used to launch a new online resource that aims to stop child exploitation.

Aptly named ‘Trouble’, West College Scotland HND Acting students were cast to showcase the play at the launch event of the new online resource “You Are Not Alone”, developed by I Am Me Scotland and in partnership with Police Scotland.

The powerful play comes on the back of funding from the Scottish Government’s Delivering Equally Safe programme, managed by Inspiring Scotland, and was led by Kibble project coordinator Paige Collins, attracting notable attention, including MSP Natalie Don, Minister of Children and Young People. The Equally Safe strategy supports the prevention and eradication of violence against women and girls.

The show, hosted at West College Scotland, was captured on film and plans are underway for this to be incorporated into the online resources, set to be utilised in schools across Scotland.

The collaborative effort underscores the commitment of Kibble, Police Scotland, Scottish Government and West College Scotland to address the critical issue of child exploitation, ensuring that young people across Scotland are equipped with the knowledge and resources to recognise, resist, and seek support against exploitation.

One of the young people involved, who has been kept anonymous for their protection, said: “It was an incredible experience to help bring the play to life. I really hope that it encourages people to use the platform and put child exploitation to an end.”

Kibble chief executive, Jim Gillespie, said: “Creative projects like this enable young people to explore and convey their emotions, whilst developing confidence and self-belief. A great initiative to be involved in and we’re thrilled to share resources, working together to support and educate others.”

Gillian Desjacques, Curriculum Quality Leader for Drama, Dance, and Music, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, stating: “It’s been immensely rewarding to witness the dedication and creativity of our students as they address such crucial issues through the power of performance. Collaborating with Kibble on this project has been a privilege, and I’m thrilled to see the positive impact it will have in raising awareness and supporting young people across Scotland.”

Reflecting on their involvement, students from the Acting and Performance course shared their thoughts.

Kayleigh McKay, 19, said, “This was a very interesting project that will help many young people with their issues. I was proud to be part of it.

Likewise, Josh Kilpatrick, also 19, stated, “I was happy to be part of this project as it put a spotlight on issues that needed to be expressed and advocated for the youth of Scotland.”

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