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How to listen

Listening to Quality Radio is easy!

On the radio in the Paisley & Renfrewshire area

If you’re in the Paisley, Johnstone, Renfrew town areas or across the Renfrewshire villages, then simply tune your FM radio to 107.5 MHz FM right at the ‘top of the dial’.

On a DAB digital radio in the Glasgow city area to include East Renfrewshire and Barrhead area

Just scan for Quality on your DAB radio and save Quality to your preset number 1. The list of radio stations available are usually alphabetically listed, so scroll to Q.  If you have a portable DAB radio, make sure the aerial is fully extended.  There is some overspill of DAB radio reception into Renfrewshire in the car, and also around Clydebank to Dumbarton area. For manual tuning, the Glasgow DAB service transmits on Block 10B, which is a frequency of 211.648 MHz. Once displayed, select and ‘Save’ as a favourite service.

Listening using online desktop computer

If you’re outside the Paisley, Renfrewshire and Glasgow area, you can listen online using this very website – click on the Listen Live link at the top of this page.  Even if you are in our core areas, it maybe more convenient to listen online.

Listening online with a mobile device

If you’re mobile, then we recommend you install the Quality Radio App (application) for your phone device or tablet. Simply follow the link for your device, the app is available on Android and Apple devices.

Other information

On your Alexa-Enabled device
To listen to the live broadcasting of QUALITY RADIO UK on Amazon Echo/ Echo Show 8 etc., simply say:
“Alexa, Enable QUALITY RADIO UK”
This will then enable our skill on your device. You can then say:

Further detailed information:

  • Online on the internet on this website: www.qualityradio.uk and click on Listen Live at the top of the page.
  • On the Quality Radio App – install free from your App Store
  • On a mobile phone device – use the Quality Radio App
  • On a computer, laptop or desktop, play Listen Live at qualityradio.uk
  • On a tablet – use the Quality Radio App or at qualityradio.uk
  • On a smart-speaker – spoken command: “Alexa, Play Quality Radio UK”
  • On a internet radio, either a portable or as part of a tuner.  Choose Internet Radio and choose UK and seek Quality Radio or manually tune-in.
  • On a third party App – TuneIn or myTuner or Get Me Radio! or Openradio app.

QUALITY RADIO web stream is at 128 kbps mp3 stereo

Listen live