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How to listen


How to listen to QUALITY RADIO on various devices and receivers.

At home or in the car on the FM waveband, tune to 107.5 FM across Paisley and Renfrewshire with reception possible in and around south and west Glasgow and Clydebank.

At home or in the car on the DAB waveband, that is, on Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio with reception across Glasgow city, East Renfrewshire to include Barrhead and surroundings areas.  Select DAB on the set and scroll through the alphabetical list of services until Quality is displayed.  Press select.  Should Quality not be displayed, then make sure the aerial is fully extended on a portable set, and then do a Full Scan and that should bring up and display Quality.  Car radios have auto tune and should have Quality displayed.

For manual tuning – apart from doing an auto-scan – you can do a manual tune to find Quality Radio on DAB. The Glasgow service transmits on Block 10B which is a frequency of 211.648 MHz. Once displayed, select and ‘Save’ as a favourite service.

Quality Radio also transmits on the Edinburgh DAB city multiplex on Block 9B a frequency of 204.640 MHz. 

The service coverage area is that of the City of Edinburgh and surrounding areas to include Leith, Mussleburgh to the east; to Dalkeith in Midlothian and to Livingston, West Lothian and over the Forth Road Bridges to Fife.

Online on the internet on this website: qualityradio.uk and click on Listen Live at the top of the page.


On the Quality Radio App – install free from your App Store


You can listen to Quality Radio in multiple ways and on multiple devices.

On your FM radio 
QUALITY RADIO broadcasts across PAISLEY, RENFREW, JOHNSTONE and throughout RENFREWSHIRE on 107.5 FM
On your Desktop computer or Laptop
You can listen to QUALITY RADIO via the internet from anywhere in the world.  Just click on the Listen Live button at the top of this page.

On your mobile phone or Tablet

You can listen to QUALITY RADIO UK on your Android phone, iPhone, iPad.  Visit the App Store, Google Play and search for us on there.

On your Amazon Echo or Alexa-Enabled Device
To listen to the live broadcasting of QUALITY RADIO UK on Amazon Echo, simply say:
“Alexa, Enable QUALITY RADIO UK”
This will then enable our skill on your device. You can then say:

Further detailed information:

  • Online on the internet on this website: www.qualityradio.uk and click on Listen Live at the top of the page.
  • On the Quality Radio App – install free from your App Store
  • On a mobile phone device – use the Quality Radio App
  • On a computer, laptop or desktop, play Listen Live at qualityradio.uk
  • On a tablet – use the Quality Radio App or at qualityradio.uk
  • On a smart-speaker – spoken command: “Alexa, Play Quality Radio UK”
  • On a internet radio, either a portable or as part of a tuner.  Choose Internet Radio and choose UK and seek Quality Radio or manually tune-in.
  • On a third party App – TuneIn or myTuner or Get Me Radio! or Openradio app.

QUALITY RADIO web stream 128 kbps mp3 stereo

Sampling rate 44.1 kHz



You can listen on the Quality Radio App which is available to download for free from your App Store of choice or wherever you get your apps from. 

The Quality Radio App is good with all Android and iOS devices iPhone and iPad, including smart mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

The Quality Radio App offers one touch listening to Quality Radio on the go, or use with Bluetooth in your car or any other device.

Download now for free at the App Store you use at Google Play

Download now for free at the Apple i0S store.

Quality Radio broadcasts ‘over-the-air’ on two separate transmitted wavebands.

To Paisley and Renfrewshire on the analogue FM waveband at 107.5 MHz – that’s up at the very ‘top of the dial’ where you can go no further!

FM waveband – 107.5 MHz

FM waveband: QUALITY will be displayed if the radio has RDS (Radio Data System, which is a basic text and data display for FM radio broadcasting) and most hi-fi tuners have this facility together with portable radio sets. RDS is standard as part of the in-car entertainment/radio systems.

Listening on the move in-car or any vehicle to Quality Radio 107.5 covers Paisley, Renfrew, Johnstone and across Renfrewshire.  In-car reception is possible over a wider area to include west, north and south Glasgow plus most of West Dunbartonshire to include Clydebank and Dumbarton.

Smartphone, tablet, laptop PC, desktop PC

You can also listen to Quality Radio on your mobile device, that is, Smartphone, tablet or laptop by using the Listen Live button on this website front page.

Internet Radio set or internet tuner

Image displays listening via a portable Internet Radio.  This device tends to use wi-fi around the home or office. Typically, scroll through radio services that are available on the internet, either by location/country (UK) or type (Local/community)

Internet Radio devices

Display on a Roberts Internet portable radio

Quality Radio is also available on Internet Radio devices. 

You will need an internet/online connection and ideally wi-fi in the room or place.

Search for ‘Quality’ as shown.

Listen live