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Bob Wood – Off The Beaten Track, Sundays 11pm.

The Off The Beaten Track programme is produced and presented by Bob at his own “Rockument” studio in Renfrewshire. The programme has been broadcast each Sunday night since the beginning of February 2020. 

Bob says: “It is a themed selection of music, covering all genres imaginable with artists and tracks that are sometimes familiar, sometimes obscure, along with interesting information about each artist and track.

Past themes have included Travel, Telephones, Made In Scotland, Dreams, Space, Instrumentals, Cash, Colours of the Rainbow, The Weather, Holidays, The Elements, Loose Connections, Paisley Buddies, Radio, New York, Time, The Calendar, Bond, Eurovision, Sampling, One Hit Wonders, Phil Spector, James Bond, Copycats & Covers, special Festive programmes each Christmas, as well as a 54-part “A to Z” of popular music artists. 

The programme’s title encompasses the wide range of music the listener may encounter in following the many routes and branches away from the mainstream of everyday listening .

The Current mini-series includes an Album Tracking spot, a listeners’ “Memories Are Made of Hits” spot, and a short listener-choice item of Classical music, 

Future planned mini-series include a Pot Luck ‘lucky dip’ music selection from listeners’ submissions, music from the Antipodes; music from America’s 50 States and artists and music from Canada.” 

Bob Wood presents ‘Off the Beaten Track’ programme on Sunday nights at 11.00pm on Quality Radio.

Tune-in on 107.5 FM across Renfrewshire and on DAB digital radio across Glasgow city and parts of Renfrew and Paisley, or on your smart speaker like Alexa: “Play Quality Radio UK” .

Off the Beaten Track is also available is Listen Again, streaming any time for up to 14 days.  Go to: https://qualityradio.uk/listen-again/

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About Bob Wood

Bob is a multi-award-winning broadcaster, writer and producer with over 50 years’ experience in national radio (BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4 plus BBC Radio Scotland), international (BBC World Service), community, local and commercial radio stations across the UK, as well as contributing syndicated former occasional slots on stations in the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

During his career, he worked with countless national and international film, book, radio and TV celebrities.

He also ran a folk club in west London; was a published and broadcast performance poet, writer, magazine editor, record reviewer, songwriter, record-producer and sound-engineer, university lecturer and latterly board member and accreditation team-leader for the Broadcast Journalism Training Council.

Bob now lives in Erskine, Renfrewshire.

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