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Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin McLaughlin from Elderslie has joined Paisley FM 107.5 to present an 1980s themed programme on Thursday nights.  Here, Kevin gives us an insight to his life and times from when he stayed in Johnstone.

Music has been a huge part of my life, and in particular the 80’s era, which I can associate to very strongly because I went through school at this time, and then started work towards the end of the decade.  So I can link a lot of important memories and events to the music from those years. 

The first album I bought was “White Feathers” by Kajagoogoo in 1983, and the first single I bought was “Wings of a Dove” by Madness later in the same year.  I would save my money as a kid from a paper round and get the bus down to Woolworth’s in Johnstone to buy records, and would do this regularly around this time.  I would spend loads of time looking over the shelves before carefully selecting the single or album to add to my collection.

I was born in Paisley and, after leaving school, my first job was with a Paisley based company called Robertson’s Electrical.  So it’s great fun to present a show on Paisley FM, playing music from a really familiar era, on the station for the area I have so much association to.

On The Awesome 80’s you can hear a wide array of different artists and music.

I play songs you may consider to be a little ‘outside of the box’ that didn’t necessarily sit in or around top spot, but will be recognised.  I also throw in some of the classic’s and chart toppers to find a nice balance for you.

I will feature music that may have a connection to the date of the specific show you are listening to (that is, release date / milestone birthdays of the artists) and every show will have at least one song from each year in the decade.

You can also expect to hear music from the movies and the tv scene most weeks.

Join me on The Awesome 80’s every Thursday 8.00 – 9.00pm on Paisley FM on 107.5 FM; on your smart speaker “Alexa, Play Paisley FM”; on the Paisley FM App and online at paisleyfm.co.uk 

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