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Mike McLean – Monday & Friday mornings and Vinyl Frontier, Sunday evening

MIKE McLEAN presents the Morning Show on Paisley FM 107.5 on Mondays and Friday from 10am to 1.00pm.  Programme includes 10-11am ‘Hits & Headline’ but what is the year? and 12 noon to 1pm the Sports Hour feature Renfrewshire football and sports from around Scotland with Paisley FM correspondents Liam Polson, Kevin Robertson and Michael Cassidy.  The legendary Vinyl Frontier is on Sundays night 7-10pm with well over 1,000 editions.

Mike previous worked at Dumbarton based Your Radio/Castle Rock FM and on nightshift at Radio Clyde in the late 1970s.

How did you get into broadcasting?

Started a mobile disco (first gig, March 5, 1968!) and things went well.  Had always loved radio since I was a youngster, and joined Hairmyres Hospital Radio in 1969 before moving to Hospital Radio Paisley a year later – and haven’t stopped since!

Random encounter with any celebrity?

Not really – I don’t normally move in particularly exalted circles! I did briefly meet Sir George Martin in 2010 at the EMI offices in London. I was attending a memorial event celebrating the 25th anniversary of Matt Monro’s death at the invitation of his daughter Michele, and though he was 84 and wasn’t keeping well, he made the effort to attend, along with a host of other celebs.

Music preferences?

Very wide tastes – basically, I have always said there are only two kinds of music – good and bad – and that is very much a matter of taste. Not an opera fan, but I can listen to the good of most other genres.

Any surprising facts your listeners may not know about you?

I have completed two charity marathons, a 25-hour sponsored piano play (I’m a graduate of The Royal Scottish Academy of Music, now The Conservatoire!) and a marathon broadcast for Hospital Radio Paisley fund-raising. That lasted 211hours and 15 minutes (so I’ve been told!!)

1st record ever bought?

Got a Christmas present in 1956 of Tennessee Ernie Ford singing Sixteen Tons, and I think the first record I actually bought was Johnny Duncan and the Blue Grass Boys’ Last Train to San Fernando  the following year.

The “chosen few” choice records…

The impossible question!! I particularly enjoy vocal harmonies, so I’m a huge fan of groups such as The Beach Boys, and the work of guys like Tony Rivers. And I like melodies, especially songs which are a little bit out of the ordinary – Homburg (Procol Harum) for example. But I’m back to just good and bad music – and I like to think I have a reasonably good ear to know what’s good!

Any other info?

Big sports fan, in case nobody’s noticed!! Active supporter of Stranraer FC, and enjoy most sports. Unfortunately for everyone, I love radio, and have every intention of continuing to present radio shows for ever!! Well, at least until I’m told to pick up my drum and beat it!!



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