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Jude Pollock – Saltire Indie Rock Show

Jude Pollock produces and presents The Saltire Indie Rock Show on Friday evenings at 9.00-11.00pm.

The programme has been broadcasting on Paisley FM 107.5 for a year and a half now.  It started out as the result of an off the cuff comment to the station director!

Jude says: “After helping Paisley FM with a Christmas Royal Alexandra Hospital special for the patients at this Paisley hospital, I began discussing with Norman the chance of doing my own show. He seemed to see my potential and my obvious love and passion for music, but also my quick wit and gift of the gab!

Having done nothing in the way of radio presentation before, but having some knowledge of recording music, I basically taught myself how to put together a show using Audacity recording software. I was learning how to improve all the time with the remote guidance of Norman et al. Starting a whole new venture while in a lockdown was a challenge, but one I have loved learning!

I am very much a pedant when it comes to timing, and my songs and links moving into each other without clunking and gaps. I think my show sounds professional and enjoyable to listen to.

My show is predominantly showcasing new bands, local bands or smaller bands who need good quality programme to give them airplay. I do play classic indie and rock tracks too, and I pride myself on having a great mixture of songs people know, and songs people will hear for the first time.

I am lucky to have had some exclusive first plays from bands for new singles, and I have been very fortunate to have a few bands record live sessions for the show, one from Future Theory who recorded in my own living room as part of their album launch tour!

I love attending gigs and watching live music, so I try to entwine this into my show where possible, whether it be reviewing a gig I have been at, or promoting the gigs coming up, either locally in Paisley or in Glasgow.

I work with The Bungalow, a live venue in Paisley town centre, who do an ‘Introducing’ night and I have a section on the show where Sophie, a young radio student from Paisley FM, interviews a band and we play it out on my show as a soundbite with one of the band’s tracks.  Some of the bands are so new they don’t have recorded tracks yet!

When it comes to my presentation style, I try to keep it light and friendly, and with some humorous tones (well I think they are!) I try to make it more conversational and flowing than static facts and announcements. I have a fairly rigid structure to my programme, incorporating a lot of the quirky features I run, and some of these involve the same friends choosing a particular segment each week which gives continuity, but also allows for the listener to feel like they know my friends too, allowing for comedic references and gentle ribbing etc!

My Fast Forward Band of the Week is a feature where I pick a new or underrated band, and give a short bio of the band; play a track by them and promote any upcoming gigs etc.

I do like to support the local Paisley and Glasgow bands, but I will pick a band from anywhere if I like their music. I embrace using social media to its fullest by tagging bands and bands sharing posts to get the most coverage for both my show and the band involved.

Radio has taken over my life but I absolutely love it!”

The Saltire Indie Rock Show with Jude Pollock, Fridays, 9-11.00pm on Paisley FM 107.5 and online plus smart speaker “Play Paisley FM” and Paisley FM App. On demand streaming anytime at Listen Again.


Judith was born 1975, from Dumfries, now lives in Glasgow. Work as Cardiac Physiologist. Mum of Evie.

How did you get into broadcasting? – Purely by being a chancer and asking Norman when working on a Christmas dedications show from the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley.

Random encounter with any celebrity – a few, but probably bumping into Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand at Electric Fields festival, and then his dad taking a picture for us!

Music preferences – rock, indie, punk, some pop, some ska…quite eclectic. Favourite band -the Wildhearts.

Surprising facts – in a band called Darker Clouds – also grammar and spelling pedant! Currently on six tattoos and counting.

1st record – David Cassidy ‘The last kiss’ – may need to be redacted for street cred purposes!

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