Scott Cuthbertson – Saturday Morning & Sunday Magic Show

Scott Cuthbertson

I’m a professional magician who has worked all across the UK and into Europe.

How did you I get into broadcasting? Always wanted to have a go. Been in community radio for 9 years; starting to get the hang of it now, maybe!

My random encounter with any celebrity? I was magical advisor and a producer for Jeremy Beadle on live TV

Music preferences? Hard rock and metal, but I have a collection spanning all genres. Boney Ms’ Nightflight To Venus is a favourite album.

Any surprising facts your listeners may not know about you? Never had any formal training in radio presenting or production, listeners can probably tell!

First record ever bought? Top Of The Pops 1974

The “chosen few” choice records…

Boney M- Nightflight To Venus (Honestly!)

Iron Maiden- Live After Death

Firehouse- Firehouse

Queen- Live At Wembley

Bill Leverty- Wanderlust

Motorhead- The World Is Yours

Beatles- Revolver

So many more…..

I do radio for fun. We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.

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