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Scotland’s biggest cultural heritage project welcomes corporate partners on board

14th May 2024

By James Doherty
Strategic Communications & Public Affairs Manager, OneRen

The team behind Scotland’s biggest cultural heritage project has welcomed the support of three new corporate partners. The University of West of Scotland, Scottish Leather Group and The Malcolm Group have all signed up to support the £45 million refurbishment of Paisley Museum.

Scheduled to re-open in 2025, and supported by a once-in-a-generation investment from Renfrewshire Council, the new museum will be a world-class visitor facility, with community at its heart. The refurbished museum is poised to redefine the museum experience and elevate Paisley’s cultural standing on the global stage.

James Lang, Paisley Museum Reimagined Ltd Chair and Director of Scottish Leather Group, said: “Paisley Museum has been a part of my life since childhood, with many visits through the years which inspired and connected me to the history of this great town and its contribution to the world. It would be unthinkable not to be a part of its exciting future.

“The family-owned, Scottish Leather Group owes its gratitude to Paisley and Renfrewshire as it has helped to shape the sustainable organisation that it is today. This is why the Board of Scottish Leather Group has chosen to support Paisley Museum Reimagined and I’m hugely grateful to our other corporate partners who have pledged their support.”

Andrew Malcolm, Chief Executive Officer of The Malcolm Group said: “The Malcolm family, all educated at Paisley Grammar School, have fond memories of visiting the museum. I am delighted to support and sponsor this project. This partnership reflects our dedication to preserving our community’s heritage and fostering a vibrant cultural scene. By investing in the museum, we are not only enriching the lives of our residents but also ensuring that future generations have access to the rich tapestry of our history and creativity.”

Professor James Miller, Principal and Vice-Chancellor at the University of the West of Scotland, said: “In addition to our learning, teaching and research, we are a University with a clear mission to work and enrich the communities we serve. As a neighbour of the Paisley Museum we are pleased to support a project that is deeply rooted in Paisley. Our support builds upon our recent strategic partnership with the museum’s operator, OneRen, as we all work together to build community wealth in Renfrewshire.”

Renfrewshire Council has invested £100 million in the town’s key cultural venues. By revitalising the museum, the project aims to attract more visitors, increase footfall across the town, bringing benefits to local businesses, and instil civic pride in the town’s incredibly rich heritage.

The Paisley Museum refurbishment is Scotland’s most significant cultural heritage undertaking. It is a collaborative effort, shaped by the people of Paisley themselves. The museum team has engaged local communities and global partners to create a space that celebrates Paisley’s history and global influence. The physical design, both indoors and outdoors, reflects community input, ensuring accessibility and pride for all.

Our three corporate partners join Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer, and Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce who signed up as lead corporate partners in 2023.

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