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3rd Sep 2023

by Sally Logan,

Health & Wellbeing co-ordinator, Renfrewshire Council Sheltered Housing

My remit is to co-ordinate activities that will improve tenants Health & Wellbeing.  Our tenants live independently within 13 sheltered housing complexes across Renfrewshire.

We had a brief partnership with Paisley FM/Quality Radio pre-Covid, but when Covid hit and everything shut down, we had to rethink how we could reach out to our tenants.

Quality Radio were so good, especially Norman Ross.  One of the things Quality Radio suggested was to launch a special request show which would be requests from the community and played on a Sunday afternoon.

On the 11 April 2021, we had our first community request show which went live out to all our tenants.  We got some funding for portable radios so that any tenants could tune into 107.5 FM and listen to the show every Sunday between 3-4.00pm, and the rest is history.

The partnership has grown from strength to strength.  I can’t tell you how important this show was to our tenants.

It was a lifeline for them to reach out to friends, family and neighbours.  Even though they couldn’t visit them or physically see them, they could reach out through the radio.  Our tenants looked forward to hearing who was getting a birthday request and what their favourite songs were.

“One lady told us that she tuned in to listen to songs that brought memories and took her  back in time.”

As you can see we are now in our third year and our tenants are still tuning in loving the show.

Working with Quality Radio has opened so many doors for us to move forward and get more activities escalated using radio media and advertising.


Sally Logan

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